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If you come… you belong.

Next Church is a vibrant christian community in downtown Kingston, Ontario.

Come join us as we explore faith together, working out what it means to follow Jesus in the nitty gritty of everyday life, in social justice for the neighbourhood and the globe, and in arts and music.

We are currently having our Sunday Morning Gatherings at 10:30 am on Zoom. For a link to our service, please subscribe to our Nextra newsletter or contact our Admin or one of our Elders.

To get a good feel for our community, try coming for three Sundays in a row. We have different speakers, different music-styles and different service leaders each week, so visiting us three times will help you get the most accurate impression of our expression of faith.

If you come… you belong

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You are invited to join us on Sunday mornings over Zoom.

Please subscribe to the Nextra or contact one of our elders
and they will provide you with a link:
Sue: sue@nextchurch.com
Steve: steve@nextchurch.com
Josh: josh@nextchurch.com