Prayer from our Sunday Morning Gathering

As we come today, I am aware, as are all of you who listen to the daily news that many terrible things happen in this beautiful world we live in. While we are enjoying autumn leaves and colours, our brothers and sisters on this planet suffer. I am thankful that we have a God who cares for all of His creation and it is to this God that we come.

Amazingly loving God,

We thank you for your great love for us. We see it in our daily lives and your provision for us in families and relationships, in beauty of your creation and most of all for the great love you showed us in sending Jesus to live among us on this earth. Thank you, Jesus, for your love which took you to your death that we might all know your forgiveness and live in true freedom in our lives.

Caring God,

We want to bring to you those who have suffered from erupting volcanoes in the last few days. We think of those in the Phillipines who experienced again a magnitude 5.7 earthquake jolting the centre of their country on Friday. We also bring to you those in Japan who were caught by surprise on last Saturday whilst hiking and enjoying the beauty of Mount Ontake. We pray for the families of the bereaved, for the rescue workers and for all those living around the volcano whose lives have been severely disrupted. May your care be shown in these disasters.

Crying God,

We join our voices with those from around the globe, crying out for the plight of the persecute minorities in Iraq.   We join our hearts with those displaced from their homes yet again, crying out for the fear, the terror and the madness to end. We join our hope with those who wait for rescue on the Shangal Mountains, crying out for food, water and for the Kingdom of heaven to break into this hell. We join our faith with the faith of all who pray, Crying out for the slaughter of the innocence to end. We join our tears with yours, Crying out for all to know and live by the things that make for peace. So help us God

Compassionate God,

We bring before the outbreak of ebola in Sierra Leone and West Africa. We pray for the health workers on the frontline there. Give them wisdom, and compassion and protection as they live in all the sorrow around them. We pray that Your wisdom will provoke us to find new ways to care for victims of ebola. Have mercy on them and on us Lord we pray.

God of the Universe,

Our own needs seem feeble compared with these issues in the world but we praise you that you do not see things that way. We thank you again that you care for each of us and the problems and joys we daily face. Let’s take just a moment to bring to God those in our circles who are on our hearts.

We also bring Dave and Esther to you in Honduras. We pray too for Jason Durst in Guelph

God who deserves all our praise accept our prayers in jesus name