Next Stage

The Next Stage is a weekly cooperative community meal and theatre gathering, that takes place at 89 Colborne Street (Next Church). Weekly events on Sunday evenings provide a chance to eat together, foster relationships, share community, and collectively enjoy the arts. Whether it’s a musical performance or a skit from local actors, amateur musicians and actors get an opportunity to be stretched, discover hidden talents and participate in putting on a show. We all have a story and support each other as we find our “voice”.

We gather, not as one group of people serving another, but as everyone present sharing together, contributing, and being ‘with’ one another. It’s the communal nature of these gatherings that make them unique and effective. It’s a bring-what-you-can type of event; where we never quite know what we’re gonna get, yet everyone’s offering is gratefully received.

If you want to get involved, you should come and join us. Doors open around 4:30 (or a little earlier during extreme weather). The meal is served at 5:00. The show is at 5:30. Enter by the back door (down the alleyway on the right side) or via the side door down the left side of the building.

If you’d like to donate towards purchasing food for this event, you can do so through our CanadaHelps page. Select ‘4. Next Stage’ in the dropdown menu.