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act out #13: no playing favourites

The cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ is more important than cultural constructs.

This Sunday, August 24th, Josh Lyon speaks on Acts 10:1-48. The Church crosses racial divide in bringing the good news to earth. Is this something we are called to do in this modern age? Do we sacrifice our comfort and identity for the sake of the Gospel?

Come reflect on these questions with us! See you, 10:15am at 89 Colborne St.

act out #9

We are still in the middle of our series, “Act Out: Lessons from the Early Church”. This Sunday, July 27th, Thomas Peters will speak on Acts 8:4-25.  What does sharing the gospel with people with whom we are uncomfortable look like? How is the church empowered to do just that? Hope you can join us in this journey.

Steve Lapp’s anointing

You are cordially invited to Steve Lapp’s anointing as the supported elder of nextChurch on Sunday, July 13th, 10:10am @ 89 Colborne Street.

Come celebrate with us as Steve completes our team of elders! Please extend this invitation to all your friends and neighbours.