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fall back this Sunday, Nov. 3rd

It’s FALL BACK time this Sunday, November 3rd so feel free to sleep in!!! If you show up an hour early for our Sunday morning gathering, you might end up playing/singing with the music team. Which isn’t really bad given that we are, in fact, looking for more folks to be part of the music squad.

What are we to expect this Sunday?  Well, we will be hearing from David, Lesley, and Tim about how the Trinity makes a difference in our relationships as workmates.

May the strong love of the Father surround you
May Jesus the Son be close to your heart
May the Spirit always be upon you pouring
May the Three in One go with you. Amen.

comin’ up this Sunday, Oct. 27th

Bren Melles will be sharing her thoughts this Sunday on the Trinity and families.  Is there a connection?  Does it make a difference in how we relate with each other?  Come find out!  If you missed last week’s sermon, you may have a listen at the recorded sermon by Ben Platz (see widget on the right).