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Unlocking the Bible

Take 6

What do the Scriptures really say? Weren’t they put together by a bunch of political elites thousands of years ago? Is the Bible relevant for society or is it relative to the whims of the one reading it?

These are some of the questions we hope to unpack as we learn to unlock the Bible together on Sunday mornings. Join us! 10:10am – 89 Colborne St.

New Name: Ordinary Time, Stories from One and Two Samuel

Our summer sermon series (which started last week) has a new name! Come along with us in this “Ordinary Time” as we hear “Stories from One and Two Samuel” in the order of the Revised Common Lectionary.

Want to read the Scriptures which underscore our teachings in this season? Click here for a weekly Old Testament, Pslam, Gospel, Epistle reading.

As a helpful hint: think of the Old Testament readings as God revealing himself to humanity; with the teachings and example of Jesus and our ability to live life in the power of the Spirit being found in the New Testament readings; and the Psalms as a form of a prayer.

Sunday services are at 10:10am. Hope to see you there!

Spring Sermon Series

For the last 6 Sundays our Spring Sermon Series has asked us to celebrate and grow in our ability to recognize God’s Kingdom. We have heard about many different parables (squirrely as they are) and from many different people (about what God’s doing in their lives).

This week join us for the penultimate – which means second from the last – sermon and interview. Josh is scheduled to talk about Getting Active in God’s Kingdom by His Spirit and Maria is to share about what God’s up to in her life, including her participation in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

10:10am, Sunday, May 24th – 89 Colborne St – We hope to see you there!

Winter 2015 Series: Living on a Prayer

Join us as we consider those who expressed themselves to God in the Bible:

  • Hannah, January 18
  • Daniel, January 25
  • James, February 01
  • Paul, February 08 & 15

With a community prayer panel, February 22

Click, download, print or save the image as a reminder to pray through out our winter 2015 series.

May we deepen our communion with our Creator.