January 17, 2018

We are hoping to have an intern who will work with our kids in 2018. Read the below description; download the pdf; share it around and/or let us know if you think you’d be a good fit.

Next Church, a small grassroots neighbourhood church, looking for an intern who would energize and invest in the children and youth of Next during 2018. This part-time paid internship will focus on intergenerational worship, nurturing the spiritual growth of children under 12, and equipping other teachers with an engaging and effective children’s program.

We’re letting everyone in on God’s big secret – God’s changing everything and you’re invited. You’re invited to be changed. You’re invited into a changed community. You’re invited to be part of changing the world. Our endearing qualities, are Centred, Neighboured, Familied, Needed, Moved, Created and Gived, which can be explained like this:

If Next Church was a tree… (Psalm 1:3)
…it would be planted in the firm foundation of God’s word and grace. Jesus, the Son, would be its gardener, cultivating new life as the Holy Spirit produces good fruit.
… it would live in an eclectic neighbourhood. There it would be a part of community events and welcome the company of local residents. Its many branches would reach out into the surrounding space and give shelter to friends and strangers.
… it would hold in its branches a large tree house. That tree house would provide a place for people to share there lives. Anyone who came could belong and take part in community. There they could invest in others, have accountability and work together toward God’s calling.
… it would feed the hungry and give shade to the weary. As the gardener prunes its branches, it would share with those in need. God would use its branches, its leaves, its bark, its fruit – everything it has – for God’s purposes. And it would then give life, create life, and know life to the fullest.
… it would move in the breeze of God’s warm breath. It would grow and be transformed as it responds to the sun’s light. It would slowly become what it was created to be – changing from the inside out.
… its leaves would make music in the blowing wind. The children and adults would swing from its branches and decorate it with colourful flags and balloons. They would invent new games to play, and create new songs to sing to express their joy in the Lord.

Next Church at a glance…

  • Approximately 90 adult attendees (38 of which are partners – aka members), and they bring with them their 40 children (ranging between 1 to 14).
  • Of the 90 attendees, approximately 58% are families/married couples, and 42% are single/unmarried (including roughly 12 post-secondary students and 6 single parents)
  • Vocations include, academia, homeschooling/homemaking, social services, arts+media, teaching, computer technology, accounting, nursing, and self-employment
  • Average age of adults: 30s, 40s and 50s; Average age of children 6-9 years old.
  • Many Nexters live within walking distance of the church building.
  • Next Church has produced three full-length albums featuring the music from Sunday mornings.
  • Nexters describe Next as family friendly, laid back, focussed on the neighbourhood, accessible to non-Christians, and welcoming. Plus, the music is great and it has solid bible-teaching.

For more info on us, visit our website (, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter

– Serve with us in our Next Kids Programs including helping leaders to teach and enrich the development of Next’s children
– Reimagine our approach to working with our children, and dream up new ideas to make the most of our time together with our children
– Support the Next Kids teachers; identify their gifts and talents, and coach them on how to use those abilities to connect with and engage the children
– Work with other ministries/squads (Sunday morning creatives, music, small groups/soul care, Next and neighbourhood events, hospitality) to make more aspects of church life intergenerational
– Help coordinate and lead the monthly intergenerational Sunday morning gatherings as well as finding ways in all our gatherings to engage our children
– Provide support to Next Kids Parents; this includes visitation (when needed or appropriate), content for the Next Kids newsletter, and intercessory prayer for children and families
– Encourage our church community to be more mindful and prayerful about the children; create and encourage opportunities to foster relationship between adults and children
– Identify ways to connect and engage our older teens who are leaning out of our church community


Our ideal intern…
– Is experienced working with children and has (or is working towards) a degree or diploma in a related field
– Is a disciple of Jesus, who is considering a future ministry with children
– Is excited to build-up children as part of the Body of Christ
– Has a creative approach to children and wants do more than simply offering moral teaching through bible lessons
– Possesses sound biblical knowledge; and is mindful of how to convey Jesus’s teachings to children
– Has experience with camps as a counsellor or camper
– Thrives in a collaborative environment and is looking for mentorship from mature Christians
– Can work well with little or sporadic supervision
– Is people-oriented. Focused on serving and loving people as an expression of Christian faith
– Creative and inventive, thinks outside the box, able develop and implement new ideas
– Is organized, yet flexible

– This intern is required by the Free Methodist Church in Canada (FMCiC) to undergo its leadership tracking process
– This intern must be a Next Church Partner (aka member). If they are not currently, there will be an opportunity to become a partner.
– A compensation package will be provided (hours and wages yet to be determined)

Interested individuals should send a letter expressing interest with their resume to before February 12, 2018.