Our Four Winds

Next Church has a creative way of with names. For example, we have a Lovenasium instead of a gymnasium, a Nextra instead of a newsletter, Squads instead of committees, Partners instead of members, and a Space Squid (arguably our strangest name) instead of a… Decorating Team(?). All this to say, our names sometimes require an Next-English dictionary 😉

We have these things we call Four Winds. The Four Winds refers to the path God is taking us down; the direction the Spirit is blowing. In corporate speak, one might label them as goals or objectives; but these are more Spirit-led. These are the things we feel called to as a church community, and God helping us, we will strive to live them out, and cultivate growth in each area of church-life.

  1. Become a discipling community
  2. Foster relationships with other church communities
  3. Engage all ages in our Gatherings (intergenerational worship)
  4. Use our building as a community hub

These Four Winds were adopted in 2015. Since then, we’ve felt new winds coming, in addition to the original ones. These include Decolonization and Baptism.

If you come… you belong