Our Four Winds

Next Church has a creative way of with names. For example, we have a Lovenasium instead of a gymnasium, a Nextra instead of a newsletter, Squads instead of committees, Partners instead of members, and a Space Squid (arguably our strangest name) instead of a… Decorating Team(?). All this to say, our names sometimes require an Next-English dictionary 😉

We have these things we call Four Winds. The Four Winds refers to the path God is taking us down; the direction the Spirit is blowing. In corporate speak, one might label them as goals or objectives; but these are more Spirit-led. These are the things we feel called to as a church community, and God helping us, we will strive to live them out, and cultivate growth in each area of church-life.

  1. Become a discipling community
  2. Foster relationships with other church communities
  3. Engage all ages in our Gatherings (intergenerational worship)
  4. Use our building as a community hub

These Four Winds were adopted in 2015. Since then, we’ve felt new winds coming, in addition to the original ones. These include Decolonization and Baptism.